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Welcome to : WILL Forum Lifetime Individual Membership: 2018!

Join the mission for Women in Leadership - and Make the Change!

WILL Lifetime Individual Membership Benefits:
Digital & In-Person Opportunities!

Benefit #1: WILL Forum Quarterly Meetings: In Person:
•    Participate in 4 WILL Forum Quarterly meetings each year held across  cities in India–
•    Open for senior men and women executives from across industry to network, learn, and engage with each other’s experiences.

Benefit #2: WILL Web Conferencing: Online
•    Participate in over 4 “WILL Web-Conferences” held each year via the web-portal with influential Speakers, and over 50 participants across India and across cities

Benefit #3: WILL Research Reports – Download Online
•     "Differentiating Styles of Women Executives" ,
•     "50 Best Practices for Women in the Workplace",
•     "WILL Handbook 3M: Building Gender Sensitive Leadership";
•     "WILL- Report “Balanced Boards for Good Governance."

Benefit #4: WILL Web Mentoring  : Online
•     Choose your Web Mentor!
•     One-on-One mentoring and Group Mentoring Sessions Via the WILL Web-Portal

Benefit #5: Members only Access to WILL Website: which is a rich repository of tools, research, case studies for 'Balanced Leadership and Inclusive Growth' -- www.willforumindia.com , www.willforumonlinee.com  

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