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WILL Forum Calendar of Programs
WILL Forum Calendar of Programs
Celebrating 10 years of Women in Leadership ... since 2007
*Most programs will be complimentary for WILL Forum Members
March 28, 2018

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Release of Landmark Report:
"Women, Workplace, and The Web!"
Will Digital be the Great Gender Equalizer in the Workplace?

For a copy of the Report: contact: pamasia@gmail.com  
May 2018
USA and Canada
WILL Creating Women Business Leaders:
Guest presentations at Georgetown University, Washington DC,
Foreign Policy Institute, SAIS

For a copy of WILL User's Guide to Mentoring Women
Contact : pamasia@gmail.com
July 23- 27
Taj Lands End,
10th WILL WorldClass Women-
5-Day Cross Industry Mentoring Program with
Distinguished WILL Mentoring faculty

Participants, partial listing: Sodexo, ONGC, Robert Bosch, Oracle Financial
Capgemini, Tata Consultancy Services, Sutherland Global, TAFE, Amaxzn, KPMG

Register Now - http://willforumindia.com/WILLWorldClassWomen 
Celebrating 750 WILL Mentees ... since 2007
June 20

WILL Digital Women: Online WebMentoring !
"Reaching for the Top Slot: What Women Need to Know"
Exclusive for ONGC women executives across 15 locations

Interested to join WebMentoring Online?
Register Now : http://willforumindia.com/individual
June 28
Conversations Over Jasmine Tea!
Are women becoming more visible with social Networking?
How does Mentoring Impact Women for Leadership?
Why so few programs for mentoring women for top- positions?
How do you reach for the top-slot?
What's the latest on women on corporate boards series?

Register Now : http://willforumindia.com/individual 
September 23-28
Berlin and the Hague
WILL Forum CEO Poonam Barua
Guest Speaker on "Best Employers for Women" in Berlin

To join the Berlin meeting:
visit: https://www.rednerforum.de/redner-2018 

Rise & Lead Women Summit: Empowering Female Entrepreneurs  Location : WTC, The Hague
To join - contact: e_akadiri@yahoo.com

Get the
WILL Best Employers for Women Benchmarking & Awards!

All Year Available WILL Benchmarking Best Employers for Women:
Benchmarking Now: Glaxo Smithkline, Cargill, Sutherland Global

WILL Gender Sensitive Program for Male managers

WILL Executive Education for Women :
On request, internal program for your company
Get Started: Listen to WILL Digital Women Leaders at "10th WILL Annual Conference"!
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